Chairman's Introduction

Dr Ann Prentice OBE PhD

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) is an advisory Committee of independent experts that provides advice to Public Health England as well as other government agencies and Departments. Read more...


SACN position statement on iodine and health  - 25th February 2014 - Click here to view

SACN UK Bread and Flour Regulations position statement 
 - 15th June 2012 -
Click here to view

SACN/RCPCH joint statement on defining child underweight, overweight and obesity in the UK - 19th April 2012 - Click here to view


Forthcoming Meetings

Main SACN Meetings 4th June 2014

Latest Meetings

Main SACN Meetings 9th April 2014
Carbohydrate 27th February 2014
Main SACN Meetings 26th February 2014