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Scientific consultation: draft SACN Carbohydrates and Health report - June 2014

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The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) consultation on its draft Carbohydrates and Health report is open for scientific comment from 26 June to 1 September 2014.

You can access the main report using the link above, and respond to the consultation by emailing your comments to:

In addition to the main report, you can access the supporting documents in the zip file below.  These include:

  • the systematic reviews of evidence on cardio-metabolic
    health (documents 1 to 10), colo-rectal health (document 11) and
    oral health (document 12);
  • update searches (document 13) and related tables (document 14); and
  • additional meta-analyses (document 15).

View the supporting documents

Once the consultation is closed, the SACN Carbohydrates Working Group will consider all scientific comments received.  A further draft of the report and a table of consultation responses with actions taken will then be discussed and agreed by the SACN main committee at its next meeting on 5 November.

Your response will be published on the SACN website in full and in summary, along with the actions taken by the SACN Carbohydrates Working Group.  If you don’t wish your name to be published, please let us know when sending your response.

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